5.1 Prerequisites

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Logiweb is available under GNU GPL. That means Logiweb is free, open source software. You do not need to pay anyone or ask anyone to use it.

Logiweb comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

You need a computer which runs Linux or Windows. If you want to run on Windows you need Cygwin.

To install Logiweb you need a computer with enough RAM. 2GB RAM is sufficient. Less might do.

If you only have 1GB RAM, note the following: Chances are installation will run smoothly. The critical point is the first step in using Logiweb which is to compile the base page. When you get to the point where you issue the command lgc base.lgs you may want to have a perfmeter running. If the CPU load stays above 10 percent, chances are you will get past the critical point. If CPU load drops down to 2 percent for more than 10 seconds, chances are Logiweb will never run on your computer. On old 32-bit computers, Logiweb will only require half as much RAM as on a 64-bit computer. Thus, on 32-bit computers, 1GB RAM should be fine and 512MB might do.

The most tested procedure for installing Logiweb is to install from .tar.gz or tar.bz2 tar balls. That works under both Linux and Cygwin and might work under other Unix systems as well.

If you have trouble with the installation or if you manage to install on systems other than Linux or Windows/Cygwin or if you have any information which can enhance the present installation instructions, do not hesitate to share your experience, either by a mail to grue@diku.dk or on the mailing list.

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