14.173 Harvest

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

Lgc generates this progress message at verbosity level 4+ when it is about to harvest 'revelations' (definitions, introductions, and proclamations) from the expansion of the page during loading. All revelations are stored in an array of revelations called the 'codex' of the page and which is stored in the 'codex' hook of the page.

During harvesting, two codices are in play: the 'current' codex and the codex being generated. If a symbol is a definition symbol according the the current codex, and if the symbol appears in the expansion, then the subtree of the expansion rooted at the definition symbol constitutes a definition. That subtree is simply copied into the codex being generated and is indexed in a way which makes it easy to access it.

After harvesting, lgc hangs the generated codex on the 'codex' hook of the rack, replacing the old codex.

When loading a base page, the codex is initialized such that symbol number one becomes a proclamation symbol. That is done by forging a proclamation which proclaims the first symbol to be a proclamation symbol. That proclamation is then stored in the initial codex. After harvesting, however, this forged proclamation is forgotten. Thus, in a base page, symbol number one should proclaim itself to be a proclamation symbol. During 1st harvesting of the page that will ensure that symbol number one is recorded as a proclamation symbol in the generated codex. Thus, the symbol will also be a proclamation symbol during second reading and all, further readings.

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