14.169 Initialize

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

Lgc generates this progress message at verbosity level 4+ when it is about to initialize the codex of the page being loaded. In most situations, the codex is initialized to be empty, i.e. to contain no 'revelations' (i.e. definitions, introductions, and proclamations).

Base pages

In one case, however, the codex is initialized otherwise. This occurs when a page is a 'base' page, i.e. the page references no other pages. In this situation, symbol number 1 of the page is proclaimed to be a proclamation symbol. In other words, during 1st reading of the base page, symbol number 1 can be used to 'proclaim' other symbols, i.e. to assign meaning to other symbols.

As an example, the proclamation symbol can be used to proclaim some other symbol to be a 'definition' symbol. In that case that other symbol will be proclaimed to be a definition symbol during 1st reading of the page and will act like a definition symbol during 2nd reading of the page. During 2nd reading of the page, the definition symbol may define e.g. the macro aspect of a third symbol. In that case, the third symbol will act as a macro during 3rd reading. If the macro symbol expands e.g. to a definition construct, then that definition construct will appear (after macro expansion) during 4th reading which may affect what happens during 5th reading and so on. The base page which currently comes with Logiweb has to be read 9 times before a fixed point is reached.

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