14.228 Ambiguous source text

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

This error message indicates that the given source text can be parsed in more than one way. As an example if you define the following constructs:

   if " then "
   if " then " else "

then this:

   if x then if y then 1 else 2

can be interpreted in two ways:

   if x then ( if y then 1 else 2 )
   if x then ( if y then 1 ) else 2

The ambiguity above is known as the dangling else problem. In Logiweb, the countermeasure is to avoid defining something like

   if " then "

In general, Logiweb gives you great power by allowing you to define your own grammars. If that brings you into trouble, that trouble is your trouble.

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