14.204 Dumping to cache

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

Lgc generates this progress message at verbosity level 3+ when it is about to write the rack of the page being translated to the disk cache. See also Dumping to <file>

When loading a page, lgc translates the vector of the page into the rack of the page and this process may take considerable resources.

The vector of a page is a compact representation of the page suited for transmission over networks with limited bandwidth. Furthermore, vectors are suited for storing in untrusted repositories and for transmitting over untrusted networks because one can verify the authenticity of a vector if one knows the reference the page.

In contrast, the rack of a page takes up much more bytes and it is difficult to verify the authenticity of a rack. Thus, racks are suited for storing in a local disk cache.

Whenever lgc has translated a page it writes the rack of the page to a local disk cache in order to save time next time the page is needed.

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