14.186 Invalid leap

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

As opposed to Unix and Windows, lgc does time computation right. That has been chosen because it probably is best to do things right in the long run. Furthermore, Logiweb is prepared for being used for hard real time applications where at least the Unix clock is problematic during leap seconds.

The downside of the choice to do things right is that Logiweb needs to know which leap seconds have been announced by the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS) which is the committee responsible for the revolution of planet earth (or, at least, responsible for measuring the revolution and communicating the results of the measurements).

Lgc(1) expects the leap option to be a list of leap specifications. As an example, the leap specification


indicates that IERS has extended Gregorian Date 1972-06-30 by, at the end of the day, one second.

If IERS has announced leaps since the release of your current lgc compiler then you can add leap specifications to the leap list. See the 'LIST OPTIONS' section of lgc(1) to see how to add elements to a list. It may be convenient to put extra leap specifications in e.g. /etc/logiweb/lgc.conf or ~/.logiweb/lgc.conf.

The 'invalid leap' error message indicates that an element of the leap list has malformed syntax.

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