14.241 Unknown escape in string

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

An escape sequence comprises two or more double quote characters followed by one character which is not a double quote. The 'Unknown escape in string' error message indicates that lgc found an escape sequence inside a string inside the body and which did not make sense in that context. Comments can be used anywhere, even in strings. Apart from that, the escape sequences which make sense in strings are:

""- No character
"". End of string
""! Double quote
""f Form feed
""n Line feed
""r Carriage return
""t Horizontal tab
""x Characters given in hexadecimal (until period)

Sometimes errors of this kind are difficult to locate because the error could be a missing or extra single double quote somewhere else which makes lgc think that the given escape sequence appears inside a string while the user intended it to be outside a string. In case of real trouble with this, use ""- to start strings and "". to end strings instead of using single double quotes for that.

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