14.220 Exception raised during user rendering, goodbye.

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Origin: lgc. Landing-place: terminal.

As suggested by 'goodbye' you may be a bit on your own if you get this message. All this message says is that something went wrong during user rendering which caused an exception.

If the message occurred because you made some small change to an lgs file which rendered fine before, begin by looking at what you changed.

If you have no clue what is wrong with a page, one technique for locating the error is to take a backup of the lgs file and then delete as much as possible of the file such that the remainder gives the same error. Then try to spot which construct should be removed to make the page render without problems.

Another technique is to modify functions which are involved in rendering and insert 'print' and 'trace' statements to get an idea what happens during rendering and when and where the exception is generated. This may involve changes to functions in pages other than the page causing the error message.

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