14.85 gcc() exited due to error

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Origin: lgwam. Landing-place: terminal.

The gcc compiler found errors in the C-code of an extend event.

The C-source which made gcc choke can be found in a subdirectory named 'dll' in your cache (typically at $HOME/.logiweb/logiweb/dll). In that directory, look for a recent .c file which has no associated .so file. If you cannot locate the .c file, then just delete all files in $HOME/.logiweb/logiweb/dll and recompile. All files in that directory are regenerated as needed.

Once you have located the file that made gcc choke, try to compile it using gcc to see what was wrong with the file. Then go back to the lgs source which generated the extend event and correct the error there.

If you get this error, you are probably one of the selected who write their own extend events. Being selected means that you don't need user friendly error messages who just tell you what was wrong with the C-code.

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