14.3 The location of errors

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The location of an error is the position in a file which the lgc compiler points out as being problematic. The error needs not be where lgc thinks it is, but knowing which place lgc thinks is problematic may help you to identify the underlying cause of what went wrong.

Sometimes the lgc compiler points out a particular location in the lgs source text by giving the line number and, furthermore, the character number within the line. This allows to find the location directly in the lgs source.

Sometimes the lgc compiler points to a particular proof line in the proof of a particular theorem. In this case it may take a little more effort to locate the error.

Sometimes the lgc compiler is more vague about the location. As an example, the lgc compiler may state that a function is 'probably mistakenly unfit' for optimization because it calls some particular, other function. In that case the user must first decide if the inability of lgc to optimize the function is an error and next, if it is, find out what if wrong with the definition of the function itself or functions it depends on.

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