4.8 Overloading

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The fundamental programming language of Logiweb has no overloading. If you want overloading, you have two options: You can define a macro expansion facility which resolves overloading at compile time. Or you can use tags to resolve overloading at compile time. Like for the case with type checking, overloading is up to you.

The base page defines tags for Booleans, integers, pairs, exceptions, and maps. In addition, it allows users to define 'objects' which are arbitrary data structures with use defined tags.

It is expected that two kinds of objects will be defined in the future: objects which represent IEEE floats, and 'object oriented objects'. The latter would be structures containing methods, internal data, and their own tag system for overloading. If you want to work on that, feel free. Don't forget to publish your work on Logiweb.

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