15.8.1 vector

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1. (byte vector) A sequence of bytes stored on disk or transmitted over a network.

2. (string) A sequence of bytes encoded as a natural number, little endian, base 256, and with an understood trailing stop byte whose value is 1. As an example, the string 'abc' is represented as the number 97 + 256 * ( 98 + 256 * ( 99 + 256 * 1 ) ). Logiweb strings can contain arbitrary bytes, but when strings contain text then Logiweb assumes the text to be encoded in Unicode UTF-8. Internally, Logiweb uses code 10 (linefeed) as line separator in text.

3. (Logiweb vector) A sequence of bytes which represents a Logiweb page in a compact format suited for transmitting over an untrusted network with limited bandwidth. Having the reference of a Logiweb page allows to verify the authenticity of a the vector of the page using the RIPEMD-160 global hash function.

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