7.17.5 Codices

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The codex of a page with cache c and reference h is in c[h]['codex'] and is a four dimensional array. The value of c[h]['codex'][r][i][R][I] indicates how the page with reference h defines the aspect with reference R and index I of the construct with reference r and index i.

The value of c[h]['codex'][r][i][R][I] may be a proclamation, a definition, or an introduction. In the case of a definition or introduction, the parse tree of the definition or introduction is stored in the codex. In the case of a proclamation, a value of form << << 0 ,, i >> >> is stored in the codex where i is the string used in the proclamation. As an example, if

c [[ h ]] [[ !"codex" ]] [[ h ]] [[ 7 ]] [[ 0 ]] [[ !"value" ]] = << << 0 ,, !"lambda" >> >>

then construct 7 of the page with reference h denotes lambda abstraction.

Logiweb is quite picky when entering proclamations into the codex. Proclamations are only entered in c[h]['codex'][r][i][R][I] if h=r and if the given construct has the right arity. Furthermore, the values of R and I are determined by the string in the proclamation. As an example, proclaiming a construct to denote lambda abstraction sets the value aspect of that construct.

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