7.17.1 Introduction

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One purpose of Logiweb is to give notational freedom to the users, i.e. to the authors of Logiweb pages. As an example, an author may chose to use \ x . y for lambda abstraction but is not forced to do so.

This leaves us with a bootstrap problem: How can we tell Logiweb that \ x . y denotes lambda abstraction? The answer to that is that we proclaim \ x . y to denote lambda abstraction:

hide proclaim \ x . y as "lambda" end proclaim end hide

In the proclamation we utilize that the notion of a string is hardwired into Logiweb. Thus, we can proclaim that \ x . y denotes lambda abstraction by proclaiming it to denote the thing which is represented by the string 'lambda'.

This is not completely neutral because one has to do the proclamation using English words for the concepts (such as lambda:-). But that bias should not be a problem because one can just hide the proclamations on a base page and not bother about them once the terms are proclaimed.

But then comes the next problem: Logiweb does not know any notation, so how does it know that proclaim x as y end proclaim denotes 'proclamation'? The answer is easy, we just proclaim it:

hide proclaim proclaim x as y end proclaim as "proclaim" end proclaim end hide

No kidding. This is how the proclamation construct is proclaimed. But if you feel one piece of the puzzle is missing, read on in the present section on 'bootstrapping'.

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