7.16.5 Loading of interfaces

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A machine executes

<< << 0 ,, !"extend" >> ,, lgcio ( true ) ,, lgcio-interface >>

as follows:

After loading, the .c and .so files are left in the dll directory. Hence, an interface is only compiled first time it is used.

If the dll directory grows too big, just delete it. The .c and .so files in it will be regenerated as needed.

If you write a new interface and if compilation fails, cd to the dll directory and try recompiling the .c file which causes trouble. Logiweb machines use the following command for compiling the lgcio-interface:

   gcc -x c -pipe 521FC2292E93F16E6364E9EB6DF851F393BB2A50.c \
   -fPIC -shared -Wl,-soname,dl.so \
   -o 521FC2292E93F16E6364E9EB6DF851F393BB2A50.so

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