7.15.4 Machine invocation

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A user may start a Logiweb machine by typing its name followed by arguments on a command line. The machine then forms the term

t = h apply << boot event ( a , e , c , s ) >>

Then the machine enters an input-eval-output-loop as explained in the next section.

The constituents of the term t are as follows:

The handler h is the boot handler of the machine, i.e. the handler defined by Line 4 and 5 of the script.

The argument list a is the list of command line arguments expressed as a list of strings. This corresponds to argv in C. The list starts with the name of the command used for invoking the machine.

The environment e is the current environment expressed as a list of strings.

The cache c is the cache of the page referenced in Line 3 of the script.

The system specific information s comprises all lines after Line 5 of the script represented as a list of strings.

The value of the boot event is

<< << 0 ,, !"boot" >> ,, a ,, e ,, c ,, s >>

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