7.12.9 Parentheses

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Parentheses are defined thus:

macro define ( x ) as x end define

Parentheses are characteristic in that they simply disappear during macro expansion. A number of constructs have a similar behavior:

macro define newline x as x end define

macro define tight newline x as x end define

Those two constructs also disappear during macro expansion, but they affect typography in that they force a newline where they occur. The only difference between the 'newline' and the 'tight newline' constructs are that the newline construct has very high charge and tight newline has very low charge. Which one to use depends on context. Use the one which does not ruin the structure of the term it occurs in.

Talking about parentheses, the following constructs also behave more or less like parentheses. They all affect their parameter somehow. The constructs are presented using their lgs source rather than their rendering since many of them are invisible when rendered.

show x end show
Renders x using the tex show aspect.
Same as show x end show but shorter.
macro show x end show
Similar to show x end show but also macro expands like parentheses so that it disappears in the expansion of the page.
hide x end hide
Hides x from harvesting. Thus, all definitions that appear inside x are ignored.
hiding show x end show
Renders the constructs in x using the tex show aspect, protects x from macro expansion, and and hides x from harvesting.

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