7.7.1 Raw maps

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Logiweb is untyped in the sense that it only supports one kind of data: the map. In the following, we shall refer to such maps as raw maps.

The data structures described in the previous sections (Booleans, pairs, exceptions, and integers) are all examples of tagged data structures. Tagged data structures are implemented from raw maps.

The situation is very much like the situation in digital computers. Most computers work with words, where a word is a sequence of bits. In such computers, one uses binary representations of e.g. integers and floats. Put another way, e.g. integers and floats are represented as machine words. So raw maps is to Logiweb what machine words is to typical digital computers.

The word 'map' is used because it is often used more or less as a synonym for a 'function'. Some mathematicians reserve the word 'map' for complex analytical functions. The maps described here has no particular relation to the theory of complex analytical functions. Rather, maps are called maps here because they are almost but not completely like functions.

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