7.7.3 Parallel 'or'

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The computing machinery of Logiweb does not support all maps.

First, the computing machinery does not support maps which are not computable by machine, i.e. maps for which there exist no reduction rules that a digital computer is able to perform. For more on the general theory of maps see the bibliography.

Second, the computing machinery does not support parallel 'or' and similar, exotic maps which are computable by machine but which few programmers will miss. Parallel 'or' is interesting from a theoretical point of view. If included in the language, it allows to give a fully abstract model of the computable maps. For more, again see the bibliography.

The parallel 'or' x || y can be reduced thus: Reduce x and y in parallel. If any one of them reduces to true, stop the reduction of the other and reduce x || y to true. If both x and y reduce to function normal form, reduce x || y to \ x . true

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