7.13.12 Package solutions

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The following constructs generate one rendering event each:

   text x : y end text
   latex ( x )
   bibtex ( x )
   makeindex ( x )
   dvipdfm ( x )

In contrast, the following construct generates 19 rendering events:

   page ( x , y )
   title t
   bib b
   main text m
   appendix a end page

The construct generates files named index.html, page.bib, page.tex, appendix.tex, and chores.tex. Furthermore, the construct invokes latex, bibtex, makeindex, latex, latex, and dvipdfm on page.tex, it invokes latex, latex, latex, and dvipdfm on appendix.tex, and it invokes latex, latex, latex, and dvipdfm on chores.tex.

If you want to know more about how this construct is rendered, look up its tex use definition on the base page. In particular, take a look at the source text and search for 'tex use define page'.

Note that the definition of the page...end page construct does not use text...end text constructs for generating individual events. Instead, it uses constructs named

   tex-file ( c , x , y )
   tex-command ( c , x )

Use of e.g. tex-file ( "text" , x , y ) inside a tex use definition is equivalent to using text x : y end text outside a tex use definition. Similarly, tex-command ( "latex" , x ) is equivalent to latex ( x ).

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