7.13.4 Rendering defaults

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Every construct should have a name aspect. Name aspects for all constructs can be generated using the ""N directive in the lgs source text.

Whenever a construct has neither a use nor a show aspect, the rendering of the construct is based on the name aspect. If not even the name aspect is defined, lgc(1) makes up something but that something is ugly.

If a construct has a show but not a use aspect, then the show aspect is used both for use and show rendering. This covers the situation where one wants the same rendering in both the use and the show case. As an example, the multiplication construct has no use aspect and has the following show aspect:

..."[[ tex show define x * y as "".[ x ]"
\cdot "[ y ]"". end define ]]"...

Thus, multiplication is rendered as x * y both when used and when shown.

If a construct has a use but not a show aspect, then the show rendering is based on the name. As an example, the newline construct has the following use aspect:

\item "[[ tex use define newline x as "
\newline "[ x ]"". end define ]]"

For that reason, the newline construct generates a new line when used and renders as show newline x end show when shown.

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