7.13.6 Inclusion of formulas in text

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The following three constructs are useful for including formulas in text:

x[ y ]z
x[[ y ]]z
x[[[ y ]]]z

For all of them it is the intension that x and z should be strings and y should be something which is inserted into the string.

Use rendering of x[ y ]z is done by doing use rendering of x, y, and z, and appending the results.

Use rendering of x[[ y ]]z is similar, but also encloses y in dollar signs so that it is rendered in TeX math mode.

Use rendering of x[[[ y ]]]z is also similar, but encloses the rendering of y in \[ and \] so that it is rendered in TeX display math mode.

As an example,

"We have "[[ x + y = y + x ]]" by commutativity"

is rendered as "We have "[[ x + y = y + x ]]" by commutativity".

Occasionally one needs to glue just two constructs together. A gluing comma can do that. As an example, x,y is rendered by rendering x and y and gluing the renderings together.

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