7.13.10 Typesetting

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Rendering of

   latex ( "page.tex" )

results in a 'latex' rendering event. That event causes lgc(1) to invoke latex on the file named page.tex. Similar events are available for 'bibtex', 'makeindex', and 'dvipdfm'.

As an example, rendering of

   text "page.tex" : "..." end text ,,
   text "page.bib" : "..." end text ,,
   latex ( "page" ) ,,
   bibtex ( "page" ) ,,
   latex ( "page" ) ,,
   latex ( "page" ) ,,
   dvipdfm ( "page" )

causes generation of two files named page.tex and page.bib and invocation of latex, bibtex, latex, latex, and dvipdfm in that order.

The 'latex', 'bibtex', 'makeindex', and 'dvipdfm' events are convenient but not really needed. Since the renderer is Turing complete, one could just as well let the renderer perform the tasks of those four programs.

Furthermore, use of 'latex' makes some unwanted system dependency creep in: Rendering using latex may depend on e.g. .sty files on the users computer. If different users render the same latex source, they may obtain different results. Furthermore, Logiweb pages are supposed to be eternal, but some time in the future a page may not render anymore because some .sty file has disappeared.

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