7.13.7 Hiding, showing, etc.

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Sometimes one needs tight control over the rendering or needs unusual effects. For that, a number of parenthesis constructs are available.

As an example, one may occasionally need to state a definition one does not really mean like this: we could define value define + x as x end define but we prefer value define + x as 0 + x end define.

In this case we do not want the first of the two definitions to take effect but we still want the rendering machinery to render it. In cases like this one may put the first one of the two definitions into a

   hide x end hide
parenthesis. That construct 'hides' the definition from the definition harvester. Thus, the hiding construct effectively says: I don't mean this.

There are also parentheses for forcing terms to be rendered using show rendering and many similar constructs as was stated in the section on parentheses.

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