7.13.14 The pass down state

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The pass down state is used for transporting information from root to leaf in the parse tree being rendered. The pass down state includes information about the surrounding world. As an example, the pass down state contains information about the newline convention of the host operating system. The renderer may use such information to adapt the rendering to the conditions. It could also be used e.g. for boycotting host operating systems with a particular newline convention, but that would be bad manners.

The pass down state also includes information about the rotation of planet Earth in that it contains a list of leap seconds that have occurred according to the International Earth Rotation Service. Rendering functions need that information to be able to translate Logiweb time (which is based on atomic time) to human readable timestamps.

In particular, V [[ !"parameters" ]] contains the parameters used when invoking lgc and V [[ !"cache" ]] contains the cache of the page.

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