Logiweb(TM) Charge format

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Each construct has a charge which is a dotted list of integers like 7.-9.13.

Trailing zeros in a charge are insignificant so that 7.11, 7.11.0, and denote the same charge.

Charges are ordered lexicographically:

   1 < 2 < 2.1 < 3.-1 < 3 < 3.1

Note that when comparing e.g. 3.-1 and 3, one first extends 3 to 3.0 and then compares lexicographically.

A charge is said to be even (odd) if its last, non-zero component is even (odd). As an example, is odd. As a special case, charge zero is even.

Charges of constructs affect the location of understood parentheses as described in the following.

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