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We divide constructs into four classes depending on whether or not they start with a double quote and whether or not they end with a double quote. We assign the fixity classes 'prefix', 'infix', 'suffix', and 'closed' to these four possibilities. Some example read:

Prefix  if " then " else "
Infix   " + "
Suffix  " factorial
Closed  ( " )

The fixity classes are defined thus:

A construct is a prefix construct if it ends with a quote but does not start with a quote.
A construct is a suffix construct if it starts with a quote but does not end with a quote.
A construct is an infix construct if it starts and ends with a quote.
A construct is a closed construct if it neither starts nor ends with a quote.

Charge has no effect on closed constructs. By convention, all closed constructs should have charge zero and be kept in a charge section by themselves rather than cluttering up non-zero charge sections by such constructs.

Charge inversion only occurs when prefix constructs occur after infix constructs and when suffix constructs occur before infix constructs.

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