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The body of an lgs source text comprises all of the lgs source except page directives, references, and definition sections. A ""B directive ends a definition section and thus, implicitly, indicates that the body begins or continues at that point. Inside the body, ""B escape sequences are ignored.

If one removes all page directives, references, definition sections, and comments from an lgs source then what is left must be one, big statement which is syntactically valid according the the syntax. The syntax is defined by the definition sections, the page directive, and the referenced pages.

In addition to the user defined syntax defined by definition sections, page directives, and referenced pages, the syntax also allows to include strings plus certain escape sequences.

This is the shortest possible lgs source:


The lgs source first defines a page named 'p'. As a side effect, 'p' becomes a valid construct which can be used in the body. Then the lgs source defines a body which contains nothing but the newly defined construct 'p'.

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