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An lgs source can include zero, one, or more definition sections. A definition section starts with a ""D escape sequence and continues to the next ""P, ""R, ""D, or ""B escape sequence or to the end of the lgs source file.

A definition section consists of a charge followed by zero, one, or more constructs. The charge starts after the ""D escape sequence and continues to the end of the line. Instead of ending the charge by a newline, one may end it by a newline escape sequence ""n. The constructs come after after the charge, each on a line by itself. Instead of separating constructs by newline characters, one may separate them using newline escape sequences ""n. A blank charge is taken to be a charge of zero. Blank lines after the charge are ignored.

A definition section like

   ""D 7.9.13
   " while "
   ", and if not then "
   avoid "

defines three constructs and assigns charge 7.9.13 to all of them. In constructs, double quote characters serve as placeholders. The constructs above make it syntactically legal to write things like

   2 while 3, and if not then avoid 4

in the body of the lgs source. Whether or not such an utterance makes sense depends on what definitions are included on the page.

Space characters are treated a bit different from other characters in that an arbitrary sequence of space and newline characters count as a single space. Apart from that, space characters are treated like any other character. Thus, the utterance above could also be written

   2 while 3,
   and   if   not   then   avoid   4

But the utterance cannot be written

   2 while 3 , and if not then avoid 4

because of the space character before the comma. Neither can it be written

   2 while 3, and ifnot then avoid 4

because of the missing space character between 'if' and 'not'.

Later, charges and handling of spaces are treated in more detail.

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