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Every lgs source must include precisely one page directive ""P. The page directive assigns a name to the page being compiled. As an example,

   ""P hello world

assigns the name 'hello world' to the page.

The page directive regards all characters until the end of the line as part of the name. However, multiple space characters are collapsed into a single space character and leading and trailing spaces are ignores. Thus,

   ""P    hello    world

also assigns the name 'hello world' to a page despite the extra space characters.

Instead of ending the ""P directive by a newline, one may end it by a newline escape sequence ""n

Furthermore, one can make a ""P directive span several lines by ending all lines except the last by ""; comments which removes the endlines.

If the characters inside a ""P directive include double quote characters then only the characters from the last quote character until the end of the line define the page name. The other characters define a list a qualifiers as explained later. As an example,

   ""Pabc"def"ghi"hello world

assigns the name 'hello world' to a page with qualifiers abc, def, and ghi. You only need qualifiers when you define a construct on your page whose name is identical to the name of a construct on a referenced page or when you reference two pages which define constructs with identical names.

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