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A Logiweb page is submitted to Logiweb by writing the vector of the page to a file within reach of an http server. That file is typically named 'vector.lgw' where 'lgw' stands for 'Logiweb'. When lgc(1) is invoked on an lgs source, lgc generates the vector.lgw file.

Earlier versions of Logiweb also had a Logiweb server which did indexing of Logiweb pages, and such a server will re-appear later, but in a separate package intended for use by web-masters. The purpose of Logiweb servers was to cooperate with each other to maintain an index of available Logiweb pages.

Logiweb servers did not deliver Logiweb pages on demand. Logiweb servers only told where Logiweb pages were located. To actually get a Logiweb page, one had to ask a Logiweb server where vector.lgw was and then one had to ask an http server to deliver vector.lgw.

Previously, when lgc was invoked on an lgs source, lgc generated vector.lgw and also sent a message to the local Logiweb server to notify it about the submission. Thereby, the page became known to the local Logiweb server immediately. Knowledge about the new page would then seep through the mesh of Logiweb servers so that the page could be located starting from any Logiweb server. Each Logiweb server only stored a small amount of information but all Logiweb servers cooperated and collectively stored a complete index of all pages.

Given the reference of a Logiweb page, a Logiweb server could return the URL of its vector. This is what was meant when it was stated that Logiweb servers could tell where Logiweb pages are located.

There can be many copies around the world of the same Logiweb page. In that case, one could ask a Logiweb server to return the URL of a random one of them.

A page is considered to remain in existence as long as at least one copy is accessible on Logiweb. For that reason, the one who originally submitted a Logiweb page to Logiweb may not be able withdraw it again: the page may have been mirrored, in which case Logiweb servers just point to a copy of the page if the original is deleted. When submitting to Logiweb it is understood that such mirroring may and will happen, so one should not submit pages for which copyright forbids verbatim copying.

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