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LGT (Logiweb time) is the number of seconds since MJD-0.TAI:00:00:00.

Logiweb time is expressed on the form M*10^(-E) where M is an integer and E is a cardinal (i.e. a non-negative integer). In Logiweb, M is always non-negative, so one could as well say that M is a cardinal.

Logiweb time M*10^(-E) is written LGW-Me-E. As an example, LGW-1083564821686603e-6 equals GRD.2004-05-03.UTC:06:13:41.686603. The e-E may be replaced by the following decadic suffixes:

e-0  U (unit)
e-3  m (milli)
e-6  u (micro, a Greek mu may be used instead)
e-9  n (nano)
e-12 p (pico)
e-15 f (femto)
e-18 a (atto)
e-21 z (zepto)
e-24 y (yocto)

In a Logiweb time like LGW-1083564821686603e-6 one should not replace the small e by a capital one as that may cause confusion with the decadic suffix E (Exa) which stands for 10^+15.

By the way note the following: Logiweb is a computational system intended for mathematics. In physics, one uses decadic prefixes that glue in front of physical units. In computing systems it is better to use decadic suffixes that glue behind numbers. When needed, Logiweb uses the SI units meter, kilogram, second, etc., and derived units. As an example, font sizes are measured in meters. Period. A font size of twelve typographic points is 4218u, and a printer with a resolution of 600 dots per 0.0254 meters has a distance between pixels of 42.333u. An area of 1m by 1m (one milli meter by one milli meter) is 1m^2 (one square milli) or 1u (one micro) or 1e-6 measured in the derived SI unit of square meters. A weight of 1m is one gram (one milli kilogram). A weight of 1um is one microgram (one micro milli kilogram). This is almost but not completely different from the use of decadic prefixes in the SI system.

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