13.4.16 Semantics of prefix messages

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A prefix message attaches a label to a message. When a server receives a message with a label, it copies the label into the response. This is useful when a client needs to know which responses match which requests. Requests tend to be self-contained so, in general, one does not need to have the request to understand the response. But occasionally it may be convenient or even necessary to be able to match requests and responses.

The prefix message is recursively defined so that one may attach an arbitrary number of labels to a message. Servers are expected to handle messages that are up to 65535 bytes long as a minimum. If the buffers of the server is exhausted by a single ingoing or outgoing message (e.g. because of too many labels), then the server is expected to respond with a 'rejected' message.

The ability to attach labels recursively may be used for relays that let Logiweb messages pass through a firewall since each relay may want to add a label to each incoming message and strip it off the associated response.

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