Logiweb(TM) Bodies

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A Logiweb 'tree' is a list that consists of a symbol s followed by zero, one or more trees. The number of trees that follow the symbol must be equal to the arity of the symbol.

As an example, suppose r is a reference cardinal. Let plus = (r,1), let varx = (r,2), and let two = (r,3). Suppose plus has arity two and that varx and two have arity zero. In this case,

   (plus (two) (plus (varx) (two)))

is a tree.

The body is unpacked from the flat-tree of the vector of the page.

The body will not display as something like (plus (two) (plus (varx) (two))). Rather, the body will be available in formats like 'pdf' and 'dvi' and will display as something like 2+x+2. We shall refer to various ways of displaying a body as 'faces' of the tree.

Logiweb bodies are inspired by Lisp S-expressions.

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