13.2.8 Executing

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Rendering of a Logiweb page may result in zero, one, or more Logiweb scripts. A Logiweb script invokes the Logiweb Abstract Machine (lgwam) which then emulates a 'Logiweb machine'. See the base page for details on Logiweb machines.

Previous versions of Logiweb had two features for defining Logiweb scripts. One feature allowed to define a nameless machine. The other feature allowed to define an arbitrary number of machines. The feature of the present version is a descendant of the latter.

The purpose of the feature for defining one nameless machine was to allow Logiweb browsers to display 'live' Logiweb pages, i.e. Logiweb pages that were interactive just like html pages with embedded Java. The intension was that the nameless machine should define the interactive behavior. If such a feature is desired some time in the future, it is suggested to let a machine named 'main' play the role of the nameless machine. In earlier version of Logiweb, executing the nameless machine was referred to as 'executing the page'.

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