Logiweb(TM) Proclamations

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Logiweb has several predefined concepts. A 'proclamation' is a construct that attaches predefined concepts to symbols. In contrast, 'definitions' described later attaches user defined concepts to symbols.

As an example, the if-then-else construct is a predefined concept of Logiweb and one may 'proclaim' that some symbol (r,i) denotes if-then-else.

Proclamations are best described by an example. Suppose a base page with reference r defines the following symbols:

proclaim=(r,1)has arity 2
if=(r,2)has arity 3
x=(r,3)has arity 0

Furthermore suppose (r,1) is a 'proclamation symbol'. How a symbol becomes a proclamation symbol is described later. Finally let 'if' denote the string symbol (0,26217) which represents the 'if' string.

A tree of form

   (proclaim (if (x) (x) (x)) ('if'))

is a proclamation that proclaims (r,2) to denote the predefined if-then-else construct of Logiweb.

In general, a proclamation is a tree for which the root is a proclamation symbol, the root of the first subtree is the symbol to receive a predefined meaning, and the second subtree is a string.

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