Logiweb(TM) Reference cardinals

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To explain the notions of Logiweb 'bodies' and Logiweb 'dictionaries', we first need to introduce Logiweb 'reference cardinals' and Logiweb 'symbols'.

As mentioned earlier, a reference is a list of bytes where a byte is a cardinal in the range 0..255. To each reference

   r = (b_0,b_1,...,b_n)

we associate the following 'reference cardinal':

   R = b_0 * 256^0 + b_1 * 256^1 + ... + b_n * 256^n + 256^(n+1)

As an example, if <2,0> were a valid reference, then the associated reference cardinal would be 2*256^0+0*256^1+256^2 = 2+0+65536 = 65538.

Translation from references to reference cardinals is injective meaning that if one is given a reference cardinal, then one can uniquely determine the associated reference.

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