13.2.2 References

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A Logiweb reference is to Logiweb what a http reference is to the worldwide web: It is something that allows to locate a page.

An http reference encodes the physical location of the page (a particular file on a particular server). In contrast, a Logiweb reference is a signature which allows to locate a page with a particular contents regardless of the physical location.

If you load a Logiweb page twice, even with years in between, using the same reference, then you can be sure to receive the same page the two times. In contrast, ordinary web pages are in flux and may change at any time.

A Logiweb reference is a sequence of bytes where a byte is a cardinal (i.e. natural number) in the range 0..255 (i.e. 0 to 255 inclusive). A Logiweb reference can be arbitrarily long but typically consists of around 30 bytes.

To see the reference of e.g. the combinations page, go to the main menu of the page and click 'extract' to get to the extract of the page. The reference of the combinations page is reference number zero in the bibliography. The reference is expressed in mixed endian hexadecimal.

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