13.2.7 Rendering

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When a page is loaded, one may 'render' it. 'Rendering' a Logiweb page is a process which converts the body of the page into a collection of files. The rendering process is under user control in that it is controlled by definitions present in the codex.

Rendering of a page may result in an arbitrary number of files in an arbitrary number of formats. Rendering typically results in html and pdf files, but may also result in e.g. C source code and make files. Rendering may result in text as well as binary files.

In particular, rendering of a Logiweb page may result in zero, one or more Logiweb machines (c.f. Executing below). A Logiweb machine is an executable file whose behavior is defined in the Logiweb programming language.

Rendering of a page may use a few, external programs: latex, bibtex, makeindex, and dvipdfm.

See the lgc page for details on the rendering process.

Users can take complete control over the rendering process. There is an example of that in the test suite that comes with logiweb (the pages named 'renderer' and 'rendered' in the test suite).

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