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'Harvesting' is the process that collects proclamations and definitions from an expansion. In this section we consider harvesting of proclamations.

Given a tree, harvesting scans the tree for proclamations and definitions. Whenever a proclamation is found, if the string is recognized and matches the arity of the proclaimed symbol, harvesting adds an entry to the codex.

As an example, suppose the expansion of the base page with reference cardinal r from the previous section contains the following proclamation:

   (proclaim (if (x) (x) (x)) ('if'))

The string of the proclamation is 'if' which is recognized as denoting the if-then-else concept. The if-symbol (r,2) happens to have correct arity (three) and, hence, harvesting sets the value aspect of the if-symbol to the one-node tree ((0 . 26217)) where (0 . 26217) was the string symbol that represents 'if'. This allows to look up the definition of the value aspect of the if-symbol in the codex.

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