Logiweb(TM) String symbols

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A 'string' symbol is a symbol of form (0,I) where I is a cardinal which represents a string S. The cardinal I represents the the string S as follows: Write S as a sequence of bytes using UTF8 encoding:


Then compute I thus:

   I = b_0 * 256^0 + b_1 * 256^1 + ... + b_n * 256^n

As an example, letter 'i' and 'f' are represented by Unicode 105 and 102, respectively, and UTF8 encode them as one byte each. Hence, the cardinal associated to 'if' is 105+256*102=26217, and (0,26217) is the string symbol representing 'if'.

All string symbols are improper since 0 cannot be a reference cardinal.

String symbols are understood to have arity zero.

We shall refer collectively to proper and string symbols as 'Logiweb symbols' or just 'symbols'.

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