13.3.2 Server states are binary trees

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A Logiweb server state is a rooted tree. For each node of a server state, edges of the node that point in the direction of the root are termed 'ascending' edges of the node and the other ones are termed 'descending'. The root has no ascending edges and all other nodes (if any) have exactly one.

Edges of a server state are labeled 0 or 1. A descending edge of a node is a 'left' or a 'right' edge of the node if the edge is labeled 0 or 1, respectively. All nodes of a server state have at most one ascending edge, at most one left edge, and at most one right edge.

The list of edge labels of the path from the root to a node N is said to be the 'address' of N. In particular, the address of the root itself is the empty list.

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