13.3.9 Sibling attributes

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Attributes of type 4 are referred to as 'sibling' attributes.

If server S has a proper or leaf node N with address A, then the sibling attributes of node N are urls of servers (if any) that have proper nodes with address A.

All servers must cooperate on maintaining sibling pointers such that one can reach all Logiweb servers that have a proper nodes N with address A by following sibling links from any server with a node with address A.

In particular, all servers have a root node. Following sibling links of proper nodes one must be able to reach all Logiweb servers there are.

As mentioned, when a Logiweb server translates a Logiweb reference R to an url, it first looks up the node with address R. The server does so by starting at the root and then moving along left and right edges as directed by the bits of R. During that process, the server may reach a leaf node in which case the server is unable to translate the reference. If the leaf node has no siblings, then the server reports that the reference cannot be translated. But if the leaf node does have siblings, then the server refers the request to one of the siblings.

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