13.3.1 Server states

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Logiweb servers work behind the scenes, maintaining a catalog of all Logiweb pages. Logiweb servers provide the service to translate Logiweb references to Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). (Note that the present version of Logiweb does not include a server. The functions of the server are taken care of by the 'path' parameter of the lgc compiler. The server is expected to re-appear in later versions but in a separate package intended for webmasters.)

Each server maintains a Logiweb server state. All server states of all Logiweb servers collectively represent the catalog of all Logiweb pages.

Logiweb servers communicate with their clients and each other using 'Logiweb messages' which conform to the Logiweb protocol.

A Logiweb message is a sequence of bytes, i.e. a sequence of bits whose length is a multiple of eight. In this document, messages are written as sequences of bits using mixed endian notation.

As mentioned, servers maintain a state. In the following, we present the structure of that state and then present the syntax of messages.

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