6.3.5 Rendering

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If you followed the instructions and did compilation in a directory named foo then foo now contains a link named base which points to the rendering directory of the base page. Now cd to foo and do ls base. The rendering directory contains the following:

The diagnose in html format. It says that the base page is correct. More specifically, it says that the correctness criterion of the base page evaluates to true. If the base page had been incorrect, then diagnose.html would have contained an error message.
The diagnose in lgs format. This file is empty (contains zero bytes) for correct pages. For incorrect pages, it contains the same error message as diagnose.html but expressed in the lgs programming language using the syntax defined on the incorrect page.
Information about the compiled page such as: At what time was it compiled, which pages does it reference, and which definitions does it contain.
Front page in html which allows to navigate to the other pages using a web browser.
logiweb.ico and logiweb.png
Logo in ico and png format used in diagnose.html, extract.html, and index.html.
Subdirectory containing user rendering as explained later.
rack.lgr and vector.lgw
Compiled versions of the page. They contain the same information. The rack.lgr version is fast to load but take up lots of bytes. The vector.lgw version take up few bytes but take a long time to load. Furthermore, given the reference of a page, it is easy to verify the authenticity of vector.lgw but difficult to verify the authenticity of rack.lgr. Thus, vector.lgw is suited for transmission over slow, untrusted networks like the Internet and is suited for storing in untrusted repositories. In contrast, rack.lgr is suited for storing in the local disk cache. Actually, rack.lgr is stored in the local disk cache since the disk cache by default resides in ~/.logiweb/logiweb/. The default location of the disk cache of lgc(1) is ~/.logiweb/logiweb/:/rack.lgr. Lgc replaces the colon character by the reference of the page when looking up a page in the cache.
This is the reference of the base page in mixed endian hexadecimal. The ref.lgp file serves no purpose at present but may be used later.
This is the source file of the base page, included for information. When you view an html page, you can use 'view page source' to learn the tricks used on the page. The source.lgs file provides the Logiweb equivalent of 'view page source'.

You may also view the rendering directory using the an html browser. As an example, if you use Firefox, you may start it thus:

   firefox base/index.html &

Doing so will get you to a page which looks like this. The three links under the 'Rendering' heading are links to the user rendering explained in a moment. The three links under the 'Debugging aids' heading are links to extract.html, source.lgs, and diagnose.html.

You may also start Firefox thus:

   firefox ~/.logiweb/name/base/index.html &

You may need to start Firefox that way later on when you work with several interlinked Logiweb pages to avoid broken links.

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