6.4.4 A page with a citation

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To get rid of the noise from bibtex, modify hw.lgs thus:

   ""P hw
   ""R base
   page ( ""N , ""C )
   title "Hello World"
   bib "
       author    = {Hans Dobbertin and Antoon Bosselaers and Bart Preneel},
       title     = {{RIPEMD}-160: A Strengthened Version of {RIPEMD}},
       booktitle = {Fast Software Encryption},
       pages     = {71-82},
       year      = {1996}}
   main text "
   Hello world.

   Logiweb references are based on the RIPEMD-160 global
   hash function \cite{ripemd}.

   appendix "
   This is an appendix.
   end page

Then recompile:

   > lgc hw

Now comes a problem: how to view the change? I cannot tell you how you should do because that depends on your system. But here is something that may help you:

When you recompile hw.lgs second time, you get a second version of the hw page. The old version stays in ~/.logiweb/logiweb/ so that you will have both the old and the new version of hw in that directory. The symbolic links ./hw and ~/.logiweb/name/hw, however, change such that they point to the new version of the hw page.

Normally, it is quite easy to view the new page. Find a way that works for you.

First of all: remember that when compiling a new version of a page, the symbolic links change but the old versions stay around.

Old versions of Logiweb pages are kept because they may be referenced from other Logiweb pages. Once upon a time there was a garbage collector for removing unreferenced pages from the disk cache. It is the plan to distribute a new version of the garbage collector before you run out of disk space.

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