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Up. Submission form.

Submission to the Logiwiki is controlled by a submission form which in turn uses a CGI-script for running the pyk compiler. A good start would be to trace this chain: form -> CGI -> pyk.

If you can open the submission form then at least that part is ok. The form typically appears at http://your.site/logiweb/tutorial/submit.html.

Then open the source of the submission form from a web browser. The source will typically contain a line saying

<form action="../server/submit" method=post>

That line tells your browser to send input values to "../server/submit" relative to the submission form when you hit the Submit button. Hence, submissions typically go to http://your.site/logiweb/server/submit.

In the configuration file of the web server (typically in /etc/httpd/conf.d/logiweb.conf) there is a line which typically says something like

ScriptAlias /logiweb/server/ "/var/www/logiweb/"

That line tells the web server to redirect requests to http://your.site/logiweb/server/whatever to the file /var/www/logiweb/whatever. Hence, the CGI-script is likely to be somewhere like /var/www/logiweb/submit

Now cd to /var/www/logiweb or whereever the submit CGI-script is and look at the file named 'submit'. If the CGI-script (the 'submit' file) is not in place you should get an 'Error 404: Object not found' every time you hit the Submit button.

If the 'submit' file is missing, try to find out which configuration file is used during installation. The installer consults the logiweb.conf file in the directory where you unpack the tar ball. That file defines a variable named varconf which is typically set to /etc/logiweb/logiweb.conf. If the varconf variable points to an existing file, then the installer uses that file as its configuration file. So, since you have already installed Logiweb (I suppose:-), you should have a configuration file, typically in /etc/logiweb/logiweb.conf, which is used during subsequent installations. Make sure that the varsubmit variable is set to the location where you want the submit file to be (typically /var/www/logiweb/submit), then do a 'make', then an 'su', then a 'make install'.

If the CGI-script is present, do a 'more submit' to see what it contains. Also try running it (type './submit'). Maybe that will give you some hints on what problems you face. CGI-programs are often run by a user named 'apache' or something. Try to run the submit script as that user.

The submit script has a line saying '/usr/local/bin/pyk destsubmit=...'. Make sure (using e.g. 'ls /usr/local/bin/pyk' or 'which pyk') that the pyk compiler is installed where the script expects. Otherwise edit the script to point the right place.

You may also experiment with the script by adding a line saying '/bin/ls' or '/usr/bin/whoami' just before the line that calls the pyk compiler. You may also experiment with the pyk compiler itself by changing '/usr/local/bin/pyk destsubmit=...' to '/usr/local/bin/pyk options=true destsubmit=...'. That will make pyk print all options set on the command line, in configuration files, etc.

If everything looks strange, consider whether or not you run SELinux. If you do, consider the possibility that SELinux thinks you try to do something illegal. As an example, the CGI-scripts open network connections and SELinux may be unhappy with that. On one machine I have had to disable SELinux completely because I did not have time to find out why SELinux disliked the Logiwiki.

If you solve a problem not described above, tell me. If you are stuck, email me (follow the link below).