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References can be given in several different ways:

Absolute http URL
Relative http URL
Absolute file
Relative file
Mixed endian kana
nani tusi nese tutu kena kane sine setu siti kene keni tite tena sasi sasa site sutu sane nita nini nasi kana sane suka sane sasu kika sunu nasa natu

Of these references, the mixed endian kana one is direct: it actually states which Logiweb page is referenced.

The other four referencing schemes are 'indirect'; they do not themselves denote a Logiweb reference. Rather, they point to a page, and the reference of that page is used.

When pyk resolves an indirect reference, it looks up the indicated page, translates it to a reference, and includes that reference in the bibliography of your page. Then pyk translates the reference back to a page and continues its work. The effect is that the page you reference is the one which happened to reside at the given location the split second pyk looked it up.

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