Logiweb release series


The Logiweb 0.grue.x alpha test series was released and tested 2004-2006. In the alpha test series, Logiweb was implemented in the clisp implementation of Common Lisp.

The 0.1.x beta test series was released and tested 2006-2007. The beta test series was also implemented in clisp. Support for the clisp version will continue for a while in the form of backports.

The purpose of the Logiweb 0.2.x pre-release series is to test the C version of Logiweb, including packaging for RPM, Debian, and Cygwin. After completion of the 0.2.x pre-release series, Logiweb will be released as a 1.0.x.

Release series


Klaus Grue, GRD-2010-01-05